If you use a refrigerator filter for your home’s drinking water, you might wonder what it does to keep your water clean. How do you know if your system is working or if you need a higher level of filtration?

A household water filter or water softener can be an excellent addition to your refrigerator filter so your home has full protection. However, it’s important to understand what your refrigerator is doing with your water so you know what other water filters might benefit your home.

What Does Your Refrigerator Filter Do?

  1. Your refrigerator filter does a great job of removing contaminants in your drinking water. Each filter uses a three-step carbon technology process to make your drinking water clean. Here’s how your refrigerator filter works:

    1. Blocking larger particles: The first step of filtration is getting rid of large contaminants in water, like sediment.

    2. Magnetizing medium particles: The carbon in your filter draws out chemicals like lead and natural sugars.
    3. Absorbing microscopic particles: The final step reduces chemicals like chlorine through an absorption process.

Refrigerator filters are comprehensive and work well to clean your drinking water, but they do not protect your entire system. To make sure you are also washing clothes and doing dishes with healthy water, consider another layer of filtration.

Should You Also Have a Household Water Filter?

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) found in a survey of American consumers that although 71% of people drink tap water, 42% do not filter their water. The NSF states that using a refrigerator filter alone may be a problem for your household since they do not reduce all contaminants.

Whole-house water filters provide water treatment for your entire home. You may want to consider a water filter for your house especially if you have noticed any of the following issues with your drinking, bathing or laundry-washing water:

Another filtration system in your home can give you peace of mind with every sip of water you drink and every drop you use in the shower. For total treatment, whole-house water filters can add the level of cleanliness you need. Your refrigerator is only the first step in a healthy water home.

Get Cleaner, Healthier Water With Culligan Water

A household water filter can be a complement to your home’s refrigerator filtration system. Culligan Water has an NSF-approved team of professionals ready to show you the difference healthy water makes. Feel free to contact us at 717-746-0379 or make an appointment to learn more.