While your tap water may taste fine, there’s no way of telling how healthy it truly is for you. Whether you have a well or city water, your water can pick up particles and minerals that are not safe to ingest as it travels through the pipes. The best way to keep water safe is to incorporate a water filtration system into your home.

How Water Filtration Systems Work

When your water goes through the water treatment facility and then through pipes to your home, many things are happening. The treatment facility serves as a large filter that removes all the commonly known particles that can be harmful to the water supply. A very different process is happening as the water flows to and in your home. Depending on the age and material used for the plumbing, your water could pick up rust, lead and corroded metals.

Water filtration systems are a modern innovation that removes these harmful chemicals and new chemicals that treatment facilities may not be filtering out. While there are many forms of filtration systems available, the primary function of all of them is to remove additional contaminants. Using a membrane-like filter, the water is strained and stripped of harmful particles, creating safe water for cleaning, washing and drinking.

The Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

Adding a whole-house water filter system to your home comes with several benefits. The most notable advantage is having safe drinking water for your family and friends. We know of many more benefits, including:

  • Safer showering and bathing: With harmful particles removed, you can take a shower and give your skin a healthy rinse. You may also notice your skin is less irritated and your hair feels hydrated.
  • Less monetary spending: There’s no need to purchase purified water bottles if you have a water filtration system in the house. Purchase a tumbler or water bottle and fill it up at the kitchen sink as needed.
  • Reduced cleaning time: Water filtration systems help remove minerals that cause buildup in your kitchen sinks and bathroom appliances. This process keeps water clean and keeps your home clean longer, freeing up some of the time you normally spend scrubbing.
  • A healthier plumbing system: Clean water also means no buildup or harm to pipes. As a result, filtrated water can reduce the need for visits from your go-to plumber.

When You Need a Water Filtration System

While you cannot determine all potential contaminants in your water without extensive and costly laboratory testing, some standard tests can be done in the home for the most common contaminants. This can often be done at no cost. There are a couple of factors that tell you if your water demands a filtration system. Watch for signs such as:

  • An egg smell coming from the water.
  • Any color that is not clear.
  • A foul or unpleasant flavor.
  • Crust development on your appliances.

Culligan Water Has Dependable Water Filtration Solutions for You

Long story short, water filtration systems are worth it. If you are ready to install a whole-house water filtration system, let Culligan Water help. We can send an expert to help you choose the best water filtration system based on your water quality. Make an appointment or give us a call at 717-697-0657 today!