Many people find that their tap water smells, tastes or looks unappealing. While you can spend hundreds of dollars a year buying water bottles and water coolers, installing a whole-house water filter is much cheaper in the long run and provides you with filtered water for cooking, bathing and drinking. If you consider yourself even somewhat handy around the house, you can likely handle the installation yourself with these steps from Culligan Water.

1. Find the Best Location

Before you break out the tools, start by deciding where to install your whole-house water filter. The best place to install your system is as close to the source as possible. Find your home or building’s main water shut-off valve — it’s usually in the basement, in a utility closet or around your building’s perimeter. This valve is where your water enters the house, and it lets you filter water going through every pipe.

2. Turn off Water Supply and Remove Pipe Section

Once you’re ready to install your filter, shut off your water supply. Now, you can measure space on your pipe for the water filter, shut-off valves and any fittings and cut it away. Be sure to follow the filter’s manual for measurement information and use a clean pipe cutter for a precise cut.

3. Install Filters and Shut-Off Valves

Once you’ve prepped the area, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines closely to set the filter in place and its shut-off valves. Once installed, you’ll need to change the filter about every six months, and the shut-off valve will help you do that without making a mess.

Before you secure everything in place, make sure you dry-fit the pieces together so you know things will run smoothly once you start up the water system. When you tighten the thread, be careful not to overscrew.

4. Secure the Connections

Your whole-home water filter installation is nearly complete. Once you’re satisfied with the filter’s installation, wipe down the connections and solder everything into place to prevent leaks. After that, you may want to apply thread-sealing tape. If your pipes are copper or galvanized, you’ll need to install grounding clamps to prevent electrical damage.

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