Many homeowners love the challenge of tackling a DIY project over the weekend. While it can be undeniably satisfying to attempt a difficult repair or installation project by yourself, many advantages come with professional water installation services. Check out a few of the many benefits you’ll receive from partnering with a team of professionals.

Professional Solutions You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

At Culligan Water, our team is proud to offer world-leading water treatment and installation services for offices, commercial buildings and residences throughout Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties.

Our team can install a professional water filtration system to eliminate contaminants such as dirt, sediment, sulfur and arsenic, all of which can harm you and your family. We also offer professional water softener installation services. In fact, our High Efficiency (HE) water softener is the most efficient one you can find on the market. It can adjust itself based on your water condition and consumption, removing the excess calcium and magnesium minerals. It also features patented smart sensor technology to help you save up to 46%.

Years of Industry Experience

At Culligan Water, we’re proud to say that we have more than 80 years of knowledge and experience in the water treatment

guy pouring a glass of splashing water

 industry. We know all about properties of water, model capabilities, equipment and permits required to get the job done.

Regardless of what you need installed or repaired, we know how to choose a water treatment solution that will meet your needs and budget. Our long-term experts know how to handle everything from annual maintenance to solving difficult water problems.

Equipment That Lasts Longer

Sometimes, if you’re DIYing a project, you might be able to save money by using cheap alternatives. Unfortunately, this strategy can end up costing you more money when all is said and done. At Culligan Water, our professionals use quality equipment and know exactly what they’re doing the first time around.

With our solutions, you can expect to get three to four times the lifespan compared to what you’d get with alternative systems. As a result, you’ll be able to continue saving money long into the future.

Water Installation Advantages

Working with Culligan Water will also provide you with various benefits that you wouldn’t be able to experience if you tackled the water installation project on your own. For example, all of our customers get warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If at any time within 30 days after you purchased your Culligan product you are dissatisfied with it, just reach out to us. We’ll remove it from your home or office and refund the product.

Contact Culligan for All Your Water Needs

If you have any questions about our services or benefits, just let us know! Our team of professionals will be more than happy to help. We can also provide you with a free in-home water analysis and estimate to help you learn more about how we can help you and your family enjoy clean, healthy water without large, undesirable bills.