When you want to improve the quality of your water, remember that a water treatment system will soften and filter your supply without pitchers or faucet attachments. The advantages of water treatment appeal to a variety of home and business owners, including those focused on safety, quality of living and cost-effectiveness. Learn how a water treatment system could enhance your everyday life below.

Understanding Water Treatment

If you have issues with your water or want to improve its quality, allow water treatment system to remove impurities and contaminants. Depending on your water needs, the equipment in your treatment system can perform one or both of these processes:

  • Water filtration: During water filtration, water passes through filters that screen out contaminants like dirt, sediment, chlorine, chloramines and organic compounds. Keep in mind that your water may not necessarily contain contaminants, as municipal water treatment systems make our water supply safe to drink. However, with water filtration, you can remove more of these compounds from your water to make it safer and higher quality.
  • Water softening: Water softening removes the hard minerals in your water and replaces them with softer minerals using resin beads and salt. The resin beads replace calcium and magnesium ions with sodium or potassium ions to transform hard water into soft water. After the resin beads collect enough hardness minerals, a regeneration or ion exchange process takes place to allow the softener to continue to remove hardness minerals.

Five Water Treatment Advantages

By filtering and softening water, water treatment delivers benefits like:

  1. Better tasting water: Water filtration will remove compounds that impact taste, making your supply more like your favorite purified options. You’ll enjoy better-tasting drinking water and food and drinks made from it, such as tea and soup.
  2. Cleaner clothes, dishes, hair and skin: Treated water will enable you to get a better clean from bathing, dishwashing and laundering. Soft water lets soap lather more easily, allowing you to use less of it and clean fewer spots off your dishes.
  3. Reduced scale buildup: The minerals in hard water build up in sinks and tubs as well as water heaters, leading to frequent cleaning and costly repairs. With treated water, you’ll experience less of this buildup, saving money and time otherwise spent on cleanup.
  4. Protection for your appliances and pipes: In addition to building up on the surfaces you can see, hard water minerals stay in the places you can’t see, such as your pipes and the inside of your appliances. Treated water reduces this buildup to extend the lifespan of your equipment.
  5. Peace of mind: A water treatment system will give you the peace of mind that you have safe, high-quality water in your home or office.

Discover Water Treatment Advantages With Culligan Water

At Culligan Water, we offer customized solutions to homes and offices in central Pennsylvania. If you want a new water treatment system for your space, let us know — we sell filtration and softening equipment for a wide range of customer needs. After we install your system, you can request ongoing support from us, such as maintenance, repair and salt delivery.

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