Whether you’ve been noticing an increase in your monthly bills or you’re looking for a way to save some extra money, learning how to reduce your water bill is a great place to start. You might find it surprising how many different ways there are to cut down on your water usage — even small daily changes can lead to monthly bill reductions that can add up over time.

How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

To start saving money on your water bill, check out five of our quick and easy tips.

1. Reuse and Repurpose Your Water

This tip will require you to stretch your creative muscles. You can reuse and repurpose water in a number of ways instead of throwing it away. For example, instead of pouring water you used for washing vegetables or cooking pasta down the drain, you can use it to water your house plants. You can also save rainwater in barrels and use that to water your lawn or plants.

2. Turn off Your Tap and Reduce the Flow

Leaving your tap water running when you’re brushing your teeth, shaving or lathering up in the shower can contribute to gallons and gallons of wasted water each day. Turning the water off when you aren’t using it can cut down on the amount expended. When you do have your tap water running, you can reduce the flow of it with an aerator. Doing so will help you conserve water, which translates to lower monthly water bills.

3. Take Shorter and Smarter Showers

While long baths can be a luxurious treat, taking a shower uses up less water. What’s more, when you reduce the amount of time you spend in the shower, you can save even more per month. Also, just like with your tap water, you can make simple changes to cut down on the amount of water coming from your showerhead. A low-flow showerhead can reduce the amount of water you use by up to 50%.

4. Run Full Loads and Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

You most likely use appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher daily — perhaps even multiple times per day. Reducing the number of times you use these appliances can help you save money. Make sure you run them only when you have a full load. Similarly, use energy-efficient appliances to save anywhere from 35 to 50% less water each cycle.

5. Regularly Inspect Your Appliances and Fix Leaks

Every so often, inspect faucets and appliances that tend to use a lot of water — like your dishwasher and toilet — to check for leaks. If you find any, you’ll want to fix them as soon as possible, as even small leaks can lead to large amounts of wasted water each day.

Customize a Solution With Culligan Water to Reduce Your Water Bill

While these tips to save money on your water utility bill are helpful, our team of professionals at Culligan Water can personally work with you to develop water solutions for any issue you’re facing. We have a range of water treatment technologies and filtration products that will provide you and your family with clean drinking water. Contact us today to start improving your water and saving money.